Friday, June 11, 2010

In which I illustrate how I get a few things done in a day

(Or, show off one of my ring slings.)

This is one of the projects I did get accomplished before Natasha arrived!
I truly thought I had another month before becoming a Momma...
but that momentous occasion happened 2 or 4 weeks early, depending on which approximate due date you go by.

Try as I might, each time I use the sling, Natasha seems crooked. Oh well, I'm working on it.

I used these instructions: Jan's Ring Sling
It was rather simple to make, just a little concentration required for the pleats.
I actually made two slings by cutting my length of 60" fabric down the fold line.

If you make one yourself, please be sure to have the correct rings for bearing the weight of a baby/toddler. They don't cost that much and can be purchased here: Sling Rings

For this particular sling I used nylon rings, and simply hemmed the edges in a decorative stitch. It was *so* much faster than the first one I made, but it used about an entire spool of thread!

"Close enough to kiss"

There are still some obstacles Natasha and I are working on when using the sling.
Such as, getting her feet and legs in a comfortable position.
Or, the little fact that I can't bend over very easily
to do certain household tasks while wearing the sling
Like, hanging up clothes.
Or sweep the house.

But overall, I'm rather happy with it. :)

For much more detailed and experienced info on wearing babies, slings and other carriers, please stop over at my "personal babywearing advisor's" blog: ;)
Baby Wearing It Up

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  1. Awww, looks great! :) One thought I'm having is that when you put her in, I'm assuming generally you're tightening the sling by tightening the bottom and top rails, pulling on one side then the other of the tail. Once that is all done, though, if she still feels like she's loose and going to wiggle crooked, you might want to pull the center of the tail and tighten up the "pouch" that she is in...
    You're doing a GREAT job, though!


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