Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas gifts: revealed

I tatted slightly less than 76 in. of edging for two pillowcases in about 3 days. Still 76 more inches to go, since I still need a mate for each pillowcase already made.

This is one of those gifts that didn't end up going to the original intended recipient. During the sewing process it turned out MUCH larger than I expected, so this fleccy thing went to my Dad rather than my sister. I had such trouble sewing with that fleece...but Daddy loves it.

I'm all in a rush to finish unfinished projects since in May I probably won't have as much time for cross stitch, tatting or quilting. Sewing for myself has been devoted to altering or refashioning clothes to fit my expanding tummy, and experimenting with patterns that leave room for baby. My closet selection is getting slimmer while my tummy isn't. :)


  1. Great job on the pillowcases!!!

  2. Really nice Janel!! how did you do the tatting?
    I've always wanted to try that.


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